Our mission is to provide impoverished schools in the Dominican Republic with the materials and funds they desperately need to thrive.

With support from generous donors, funds raised will help the children, families, and staff of the Pencils with Passion community move forward together.

Lilly's Story

Pencils with Passion is a non-profit organization 501 c 3  that connects schools, communities, and individuals to two schools named Collegio Christianos and Celeste Faro in Veron area of the Dominican Republic far eastern coast, to provide the learning materials and resources they desperately need for a proper education and the ability to thrive!  I am in Girl Scouts now almost 11 years, and I've gotten my Bronze and Silver Award, the final step in my scouting career is to get my Gold Award! For my Gold Award I wanted to choose something that meant a lot to me. I thought about things that were important in my life. Ever since I was a little girl my family has gone to the Dominican Republic, every year since 2010, from 2 weeks to 3 months at a time, it is like my second home really. The Dominican Republic is a country with a tremendous amount of poverty. The average household of 4 makes $ 150 to $200 per month, sometimes up to $500 per month with a good job at a tourist resort. For example most police officers make $200 per month.  I thought about the schools in the US and how privileged we are compared to underprivileged schools in other countries. I wanted to create a way to connect our plentiful resources to my adopted school in the D.R. that doesn't have nearly as much. That's where I got the idea for the project!

Causes We Support

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Our family is 100% girl involved!

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Supporting for 15 years Oklahoma City community.

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